Save up to 80% on water heating

With more than 40 years of existence, ENERGIE is a national and international reference in the manufacture of thermodynamic solar systems and heat pumps.

ENERGIE‘s commitment to research means that it is now considered a benchmark in the technological field, which has become one of its strategic pillars for growth. To achieve this, the company benefits from collaboration with the most prestigious universities and national and international research centres.

Efficient thermodynamic solar systems for water heating

Hot water up to 55°C, 24 hours a day, with maximum efficiency. Thermodynamic water heaters can help you make huge savings on your water heating energy bills.

Hot water 24 hours a day, with maximum efficiency

The heat produced on colder days, even at night is sufficient to attain the water temperature desired.

The latest generation of energy solar

Heat is captured under the form of solar radition, environmental temperature, rain, wind and even snow.

Easy installation & almost non-existent maintenance

The solar panel is light, discreet and versatile in terms of where to put it. Plus there is no defrost cycle.

Often copied but never bettered. Energie is the Original and Largest manufacturer of Thermodynamic Heating Products in the World



Probably the most developed solar water heater in the world


State-of-the-art thermodynamic solar system, specially designed for domestic water heating. The ideal solution for apartments or small spaces.


State-of-the-art thermodynamic solar system, specially designed for domestic water heating. The ideal solution for those who want to maintain their cylinder or accumulator and turn it into an efficient hot water production system.
"Since installing the Eco thermodynamic solar system, our energy bills have plummeted! We get consistently hot water day and night, and the easy setup was a pleasant surprise. Virtually no maintenance needed – it's a game-changer!"
Mary Scott
"We made the switch to a thermodynamic water heater and couldn’t be happier. Hot water around the clock and the savings on our bills are evident. The installation was fuss-free, and the best part? Hardly any upkeep required!"
Calum Smith
"The efficiency of the Solarbox is unmatched. We now enjoy hot water 24/7 and have seen a dramatic reduction in our energy costs. The installation was smooth, and there's almost zero maintenance. Highly recommended!"
James Wright


ENERGIE Thermodynamic Solar Systems use a technology based on the principle of the French physicist Nicolas Carnot, who discovered thermodynamics. Thanks to him, Thermodynamic Solar Panels are capable of capturing the heat from the sun, or even from the rain and wind, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One of the innovative aspects is that an ecological fluid at freezing temperatures circulates through the solar panel, allowing a greater uptake of the solar energy and a higher absorption of the environmental energy that is then released to the water through a heat exchanger. Thus, ENERGIE’s Thermodynamic Solar Panels surpass the limitations of the traditional solar panels and make possible a more efficient increase of the water temperature.

Because the fluid passes inside the panel at very low temperatures, it can receive more solar energy than a normal liquid and even on days without sun or at night. Because of this thermal dierence, the solar panel can capture the heat existing in the environment and transmit it to the water. Thus, the system always ensures hot water up to 55ºC.

Maintenance is almost non-existent, you are just advised to check the magnesium anode, a protection element of the tank, once a year.

Yes it does. According to the standard in force, the equipment for sanitary hot water has a function that allows the tank’s temperature to be raised to over 70ºC, whose activation is manual with automatic deactivation.

Yes it can. The ENERGIE Thermodynamic Solar System can be installed anywhere in the country, including in areas where it rains or snows.

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