Central heating
Combined Solution. (Central heating + Domestic Hot Water)
Central heating
Combined Solution with Support. (Central Heating + Domestic Hot Water with the support of a similar boiler)
1 Shut-off Valve 7 Check Valve (non-return) D Hot Water Outlet Text Outside Thermostat
2 Pressure Reducer 9 Thermal Storage Circulating Pump1 B1 Resistance Kit (Support)
3 Security Valve A Thermodynamic Solar Panels Temperature Sensor S1 B1 Resistance Kit (Support)
4 Expansion Valve Cold Water Inlet Temperature Sensor S4 Control Box
Central heating
Standard Installation
Central heating + Swimming-pool
Combined Installation
1 Shut-off Valve 2 Pressure Reducer 3 Security Valve 4 Expansion Valve 5 Filter
6 Drain Valve 7 Check Valve (non-return) 11 Pre-filter 12 Filter A Thermodynamic Solar Panels
B Environment Heating C Cold Water Inlet F Flow Switch P1 Circulating Pump1 P2 Circulating Pump2
Tamb Environment Thermostat T Thermostat G Swimming-pool H Titanium Exchanger  
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