In the UK at the moment our products are being sold and installed by hundreds of renewable energy companies. And because we place such importance on our products being sold and installed correctly we ask that if you are a renewable energy company who are interested in selling Energie products please contact us for advice in sizing . If you are a domestic customer who is interested in our products please contact us for advise. We will only recommend installers who we feel are trained specifically in Energie products.

We also have technical people available to size systems for you or to advise you on the correct way forward depending on your situation.It is always better to seek the manufacturers advice and guidelines before installing a heating system.Most heating systems work to the expected standards but if you install an undersized system you could be in for years of unnecessary trouble as it is very difficult to correct an undersized system.

The most common problem in the UK is undersizing . When supplying Solar Blocks to the trade for central heating we ask that the company fill in and return a sizing sheet we provide when a Solar Block 4 or 6 is involved . This is to ensure that the company is getting the correct manufactures guidelines and advise. Thermodynamic Solar Systems are ideal for Hot water demands of any size . But for Central heating systems in the UK we recommend talking to us before any installation.