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Project Description


Probably The Most Developed Solar Water Heater In The World

Available with capacities of 100 to 300 litres.
Versions with one solar panel, with or without supplementary coil.
Cylinder available in stainless steel.

  • Hot Water 24 Hours a Day
  • Work Day and Night, Rain or Shine
  • Up to 85% Economy
  • The Latest Genaration of Energy Solar
  • Work With Your PV System
  • Heat is captured under the form of solar radition, environmental temperature, rain, wind and even snow
  • The heat produced on colder days, even at night is sufficient to attain the water temperature desired
  • The solar panel is light, discreet and versatile in terms of where to put it
  • Outside cylinder condenser (no contact with water)
  • 3rd generation thermodynamic solar energy
  • Hot water up to 55ºc available 24h per day
  • Almost non-existent maintenance
  • The energy consumption of the equipment is reduced due to a super efficient compressor
  • No defrost cycle

Autonomous Hot Water solution available in version with 1 thermodynamic solar panel

Eco offers a wide range designed for professionals from this industry, with various capacities, available in models of 200 to 450 litres. Version of 1 or 2 thermodynamic solar panel and thermal storage equipped with or without supplementary coil.

List of equipment from the range

Model No. of
Liters No. of
Ecotop100L 1 x 1250 | 2100 350 | 600 220-240/50 No 100 2 A+ M 520/1275
Ecotop200i 1 x 1250 | 2100 350 | 600 220-240/50 No 200 4 A+ L 580/1720
Ecotop250i 1 x 1250 | 2100 350 | 600 220-240/50 No 250 4 A+ XL 580/1900
Ecotop200ix 1 x 1250 | 2100 350 | 600 220-240/50 Yes 195 4 A+ L 580/1720
Ecotop250ix 1 x 1250 | 2100 350 | 600 220-240/50 Yes 245 4 A+ XL 580/1900

esm (Enameled) | i (Stainless Steel) | x (Extra Coil)



  • Without ducts
  • Without ventilators
  • Without defrost cycles that use up energy
  • Super efficient compressor with low energy consumption
  • No need to install support equipment
  • Hot water guaranteed, available day and night, hail, rain, wind or shine up to 55ºC


  • Captures heat regardless of climate.
  • Primary circuit does not need to dissipate excess heat on hotter days.
  • Easy integration with architecture, versatile, no visual impact.

The Thermodynamics Solar System joins two incomplete technologies, the heat pump and the solar thermal collector.
Heat pumps are quite efficient equipment but the heat they produce from their renewable component varies only according to changes in the temperature of the environment.

Thermal solar collectors are the best source of heat on hot and sunny days but they are totally inefficient whenever there is no sun.The Thermodynamic Solar Technology manages to surpass the limitations of both the heat pump and solar collector technologies.
Through the cooling liquid (R134a or R407c) which covers a closed circuit, the liquid goes into the solar panel and suffers the action of sun, rain, wind, environment temperature and other climate factors. During this process the liquid gains heat in a more favourable way than a heat pump. After this stage, the heat is transferred to an exchanger with the help of a small compressor, which heats the water. The liquid cools down and the circuit is repeated.

As the fluid has a boiling temperature.
Of approximately -30ºC, the system works even when there is no sun and it even works at night, providing hot water at 55ºC, day and night, hail, rain, wind or shine, unlike the traditional solar thermal system.
The energy consumption of the system is basically the same as a fridge compressor that makes the liquid circulate. There are no ventilators that help the evaporation process, or defrost cycles, which imply unnecessary energy consumption, unlike what happens with heat pumps.

  1. LCD colour screen
  2. ON / OFF General
  3. ON / OFF Compressor
  4. ON / OFF Anti-legionella
  5. Menu
  6. Electrical support (malfunction)
  7. Execute | Lock / Unlock

ECO Operating Mode

In the ECO operating mode, the equipment only works as a Thermodynamic Solar System to heat water in the thermal storage. Thus we can have higher efficiency, guaranteeing maximum saving for the user.

AUTO Operating Mode

In the AUTO operating mode, the equipment works as a Thermodynamic Solar System and/or electrical support, there being an automatic management between the operating of the solar system and electrical support, in order to maintain the efficiency of the equipment, thus providing a higher quantity of hot water available.

BOOST Operating mode

In the BOOST operating mode the equipment works with a Thermodynamic Solar System and electrical support simultaneously. This mode allows the user to get hot water in a shorter amount of time

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